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Documentation & Software Links (20th September 2011)

News: A VNWA selfinstaller is now available HERE to install the latest VNWA Application 35.x and perform a firmware upgrade of VNWA 2 to firmware v4.14. The upgrade procedure is described here:

VNWA 3 "Getting Started" Manual is posted here:

VNWA PDF Helpfile:- Direct Linkto download the current Help File in Acrobat PDF format: Select "Bookmarks" to display an index of all the topics. Please read this Document. It is the easiest way to get access to VNWA information.

Documentacion en Espanol -
Muchos Gracias aJose Antionio EA7BIA!!
VNWA 3 Installation Documentacion (VNWA 3 Getting Started Guide)
Calibracion del VNWA 3 (Section from VNWA Helpfile)

Documentation Italiano - Grazie a Fede IK2TYP per questa traduzione
PDF Helpfile V 2010/01/25 en Italiano

DG8SAQ YAHOO File Folder - This is where all Driver and VNWA Software, VNWA Helpfile and other support files are stored. You need to be a member of the DG8SAQ VWNA User Group in order to access the File area.

VNWA Drivers: Update Oct 5th 2010:
A digitally certified LibUSB driver suitable for all Windows 64 bit and 32 bit Operating Systems is now available (thanks to Fred Krom PE0FKO). Please use this Driver for all new VNWA installations. (The older WinUSB driver which is mentioned in older documentation is now withdrawn and should not be used for new installations.

i) Digitally Certified LibUSB Driver for Windows 7, Vista, (64 bit or 32 bit) and Windows XP, Win 2000, Windows ME and Windows 98
Please download and review the Digitally signed LibUSB installation procedure first before downloading the Driver package. (this pdf file shows the Driver Installation pages from the VNWA Helpfile)

Link to download the Digitally Signed LibUSB Driver Package. The Driver must be "unzipped" first after downloading - make note of the location where you store this driver.....

ii) Zipped file of VNWA Firmware, Digitally Signed LibUSB Driver for all Windows systems and the older unsigned LibUSB Driver for old firmware versions (v4.4 and older) is available here

VNWA Application Software: - Direct link to download the current VNWA Application Software from the SDR-Kits website.
Note: You may install the VNWA Application without the VNWA hardware if you like to evaluate the capabilities of the VNWA software.

Latest VNWA Helpfile: - Direct Link to download the current Microsoft Help File for the VNWA Software from the SDR-Kits website. essential reading before operating the VNWA. Note for Windows 7 and Vista 32 users!!
You must load appropriate WinHlp32.exe. See for details.

QEX article on VNWA2: download Tom's article in Jan/Feb 2009 QEX published by the ARRL


Current Kit Assembly Manuals:

Note: VNWA Kits are discontinued as from 1st December 2010 as announced in the last buy on the VNWA reflector.
Assembled and tested VNWAs will remain in production and replace the VNWA kits.

VNWA V2.5 and V2.6 PCB Assembly Manual - Updated Version 2.6a - Check out this manual to find out what kit assembly entails.

USB-VNWA Interface PCB KIT Assembly Manual - Version 1.3a

DDS Diagnostic Software DDS.exe: Download this application to commission the DDS chips on your PCB or Test the Parallel (LPT) Port on your PC

Kit assembly instructions for previous VNWA PCB versions

Kit assembly Manual for V2.4 Printed circuit board - Assembly of VNWA 2.4 PCB

Kit assembly Manual for previous V2.3 Printed circuit board - Assembly of VNWA 2.3 PCB

Click Here: to go to the DG8SAQ VNWA website with additional information on the VNWA project.

VNWA Support

User Support for the DG8SAQ VNWA is done through the DG8SAQ VWNA User Group on Yahoo, where kit builders and VNWA users are encouraged to post and share their experiences. Jan G0BBL of SDR-Kits and Tom DG8SAQ will be involved in posting on the User group.

All VNWA Users are asked to join the DG8SAQ VNWA User group. Membership is open to anybody else who is interested in joining this group provided they inform the moderators who they are and the reasons why you want to join this group.

Specific questions on the VNWA kit, like missing parts or shipment information should be emailed to Jan G0BBL at sdrkits at (replace at by @ without spaces)

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