Silicon Labs Si570 DBC000107DG CML (280 MHz Max 20ppm)

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Model: Si570DBC000107DG
Date Available: 08/24/2016
  • Full Spec SiLabs CML Device Specified 10–280 MHz.
  • In practice a Frequency range 3.45 - 280 MHz may be obtained but is not guaranteed 
  • Stability 20 ppm.  Low Jitter Device.
  • Nominal RF Output 1.5V pkpk Squarewave pushpull  into 100 Ohm Differential load
  • CML output - matches direct into 50 Ohm load according to Silabs Application note 408: 
  • Factory Startup frequency 10.000 MHz
  • I2C address 55 Hex
  • Download Si570 Datasheet:

Note:   All Si570 Devices sold by SDR-Kits are sourced by Silicon Labs Authorized European Distributors - Buy in confidence from us.

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