- New Product SDRplay RSP2 1kHz - 2000Mhz Wideband SDR Receiver (Plastic Case)

- New Product SDRplay RSP2 1kHz - 2000Mhz Wideband SDR Receiver (Plastic Case)
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Model: SDRplay RSP2 SDR RX assembled and tested
Date Available: 11/22/2016

The RSP2 SDR Receiver is a New Product from SDRplay building on the popularity of the RSP1
The Radio comes fully assembled and tested and requires a Personal Computer and the SDRuno Receiver Application program as well as a suitable antenna.

The RSP2 delivers a number of additional features which result in a higher specification for specialist amateur radio users as well as benefits for additional scientific, educational and industrial SDR applications.

Here are the main additional features of the RSP2:

  • 10 built in front-end pre-selection filters, with substantially enhanced selectivity
  • Frequency coverage extended down to 1 KHz
  • Software selectable variable gain Low Noise Preamplifier
  • 2 x SMA Software Selectable 50Ω RF ports (1.5 MHz – 2 GHz)
  • 1 x High Impedance RF port (1 kHz – 30 MHz)
  • Built in software selectable MW /FM notch filters
  • Highly stable 0.5PPM TCXO trimmable to 0.01PPM
  • 24MHz Reference clock input / output connections - option for stability GPSDO and connecting multiple RSP2 receivers for synchroneous receiption
  • 4.7V Bias-T option (on one of the software selectable antenna inputs) for powering Active Antennas.
  • RF screening within a strong plastic case for the standard RSP2

When used together SDRplay’s own SDRuno software, the RSP2 becomes a high performance SDR platform.
The benefits of using the RSP2 with SDRuno include:

  • Highly integrated native support for the RSP2 professional grade software based upon class leading ‘Studio 1’ free of charge
  • Calibrated S-Meter including support for IARU S-Meter Standard
  • Calibrated RF Power Meter with in excess of 100 dB of usable range
  • Best in class audio quality

IMPORTANT Currently the RSP2 requires the use of SDRuno software, but in the coming weeks SDRplay plan to provide support for HDSDR, Gnu Radio, CubicSDR and SDR Console.

Note: The RSP1 will continue to be offered as the lowest cost 12-bit SDR for applications such as Short Wave Listening or for use as a Panadapter for use with popular Transceivers and Receivers

The SDRplay 2 is a powerful wideband SDR Receiver covering 1 kHz - 2000 MHz using the free Professional SDRUno SDR Software
Coverage with other Software Packages like HDSDR is from 10kHz - 2000 MHz at the present time.

The Radio comes fully assembled and tested and requires a Personal Computer, one of the SDR Receiver Application programs as well as a suitable antenna to provide an much improved level of reception compared to cheap 8 bit SDR-RTL dongles.

Note:   The SDRPlay RSP2 requires a standard USB-A plug to USB-B plug Cable.This USB Cable is NOT supplied with the RSP2 as the majority of buyers will already have such a cable available.
An optional USB-A to USB-B cable is available here from SDR-Kits

An optional Low cost SMA Plug (Male) to BNC Jack (female)  Adapter is available here:
This allows the RSP2 to be used with common standard BNC Connectors

Now also available:  the RSP2 Pro fitted in a rugged Metal case:

SDRPlay RSP2 Leaflet:   RSP2 Product Description and Specification

Package Contents:   1 pcs SDRplay RSP2 with "Getting Started" information.


The SDRplay RSP2 comes with standard 12 month warranty, except for those EEC Countries where Local Legislation provides for additional warranty terms.  SDR-Kits as a UK Distance Seller complies with the local EEC legislation. 
SDR-Kits warranty includes parts and labour and the cost of return shipping, provided the product has not been misused. Specifically the RF Power applied to the RSP1 Antenna socket should be limited to a maximum of +10dBm to avoid damage to the RSP2.

The RSP2 is available from stock - We ship within 48 hours via Tracked Airmail worldwide except to North America

SDR-Kits is an Authorised Distributor for SDRPlay Products Worldwide except for North America.
The RSP2 is available from stock - We ship within 48 hours via Tracked Airmail.

SDR-Kits RSP products is sold through the following Authorised Resellers for the following Countries:

For Japan:            ICAS Enterprises   www.ICAS.to  

For Germany:      DARC  Verlag          www.DARCVerlag.de

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