SMA Attenuator 10dB

SMA Attenuator 10dB
Price (excl VAT):£6.95 (plus shipping)
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7.99 EUR (plus shipping)
Price (incl 20% VAT):  £8.34 (plus shipping)
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9.59 EUR (plus shipping)
Model: Attenuator 10dB 6GHz 2W
  • SMA plug (male) to SMA Jack (female) in line attenuator
  • Attenuation  6dB
  • Max Frequency 6 GHz
  • Max permitted Power 2 Watt
  • Max VSWR <1.2:1
  • brand new

At popular request we now stock both 6dB and 10dB attenuator for general use in the shack

  • Avoid overloading of SDR Receivers with High Gain - High Performance Antennas
  • VNWA measurements
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  1. SMA Attenuator 10dB