Male SOL Calibration Kit Amphenol Parts

Male SOL Calibration Kit Amphenol Parts
Price (excl VAT):£13.75 (plus shipping)
18.70 USD (plus shipping)
15.81 EUR (plus shipping)
Price (incl 20% VAT):  £16.50 (plus shipping)
22.44 USD (plus shipping)
18.97 EUR (plus shipping)
Model: SMA Cal kit Male
Date Available: 07/05/2011
  • 3 pcs VNWA SMA Calibration Kit:   SMA Male 50 Ohm Load, SMA Male Short, SMA Male Open
  • All Amphenol Connex Parts -
  • Male Calibration Kit designed to calibrate on Female SMA Connector (Female reference Plane)
  • Complete with S11 and S21 reference plane information leaflet
  • Download the New Calibration information sheet:  - Updated October 2014

It is recommended to purchase the AMPHENOL SMA Female-Female (Jack-Jack) Open Adapter -

This will make the Male Calibration kit a  4 pcs calibration universal calibration kit as supplied with the VNWA in presentation case

Note: SDR-Kits is not longer stocking the Amphenol 50 Ohm Female Load as from 14th November 2013, therefore the     female Calibration kit is discontinued from same date

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  1. Male SOL Calibration Kit Amphenol Parts