VNWA Testboard Full Kit (Includes Test Components)

VNWA Testboard Full Kit (Includes Test Components)
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Model: VNWA Testboard Kit with Components

As VNWA kit Testboard kit but with additional components supplied for some of the Workshop Measurements for evaluation of:

  • SOL Calibration Measurements
  • 3 Pole 5 MHz BPF Filter
  • 13 MHz 3 Pole Crystal Filter (5 pcs Crystals donated  by OZ7OU - available as long as supplies last)
  • All leaded components are 0.01" diameter lead size to allow for plugging  into Testboard connectors.
  • Kit of parts for Self assembly of VNWA Test Board and plug-in SOL calibration parts
  • Test board was designed by Tom Baier DG8SAQ and Kurt Poulsen for VNWA Practical Workshop at Ham Radio 2013 in Germany.
  • Supplied with PCB, Quality SMA connectors, all SIL connectors and hardware
  • Includes parts parts for making plug-in Short, Open and 50 Ohm Load (SOL)  plug in Calibration kit.
  • Includes 0.1% 25ppm 0805 resistors for 50 Ohm Load.
  • Testboard Kit Assembly instructions download Link:

Supporting Material:

  • See Tom Baiers VNWA Workshop Presentation at the link below

  • Kurt  Poulsen provided an A4 Sheet for planning Circuit Layout on the Testboard Multi

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