DG8SAQ USB-Controlled VNWA 3EC - (Expansion board), SDR-Kits Cal Kit of Rosenberger Parts in Presentation Case -

DG8SAQ USB-Controlled VNWA 3EC - (Expansion board), SDR-Kits Cal Kit of Rosenberger Parts in Presentation Case -
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Model: VNWA 3E - SDR-Kits SMA Cal kit with 4 pcs Rosenberger parts in Presentation box
Date Available: 12/09/2013

Designed by Thomas Baier DG8SAQ. VNWA Driver and Software now runs on all recent Windows 64 bit and 32 bit Operating Systems, including Windows 8.1 & 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

New!  the VNWA 3E is now  available with the SDR-Kits Calibration Kit with 4 pcs Rosenberger Calibration Parts  as requested by many Customers!

  • Assembled and tested VNWA 3EC with Fitted and tested VNWA 3 EXPANSION BOARD with External Clock Connector in anodized enclosure. 
  • VNWA 3E offers simultaneous S11 and S21 measurements in one sweep, reduced power consumption, and external connectivity.
  • Supplied in Presentation Storage Case with SDR-Kits Hand varnished and finished Wooden Box with Custom foam interior to store Calibration Parts, fitted aluminium nameplate on top and Internal vinyl label with value of  50R Load supplied recorded.

  • Supplied with 4 pcs Rosenberger HochFrequenz GmbH SMA SOL Calibration parts rated for use up to 12 GHz
    • 1 pc 50 Ohm 1 Watt Jack (female) load partno 32K15R-001E3 
      The actual  value of the load supplied is measured and recorded by SDR-Kits on label inside the calibration box
    • 1 pc 0 0hm Short Jack (female) partno 32Z114-000L5
    • 1 pc SMA Jack - Jack (Female-Female) Open connector & Adapter partno 32K101-K00L5
    • 1 pc SMA Plug - Plug (Male-Male Open) connector & Adapter partno  32S103-S00L5
  • 20cm long SMA Plug (Male) to SMA Plug (Male) RG223 Cable for Tru Calibration
  • VNWA information sheet for Rosenberger Calibration parts
  • Quality USB Cable
  • VNWA 3E "Getting Started" booklet
  • 12 months return to base Warranty

SDR-Kits® , the SDR-Kits® Logo and DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer® are Registered Trademarks

Optional  Items to consider adding to your order

  • New:  Low Jitter GPS Disciplined Reference Oscillator      Programmable Reference Frequency with 1E-9 Stability within 1 min after switch on allowing for precision Frequency measurements on VNWA and other Equipment

  • VNWA3E in presentation kit comes with 1 pc 223  cable cable for Thru measurements
    You may wish to order a second RG223 Cable for measuring transmission loss (S21) of filters or other items

  • Consider purchasing a SMA Torque Spanner - An essential tool to obtain repeatable measurements - Professional RF Engineers use these!

  • RJ12 Control cable for VNWA Expansion board if you need to use some of the VNWA control functions
  • Adapters,  SMA plug to BNC jack   or SMA plug to N-type jack

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