USB Cable for VNWA (Replacement/Spare USB-A to Mini USB-B)

USB Cable for VNWA (Replacement/Spare  USB-A to Mini USB-B)
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Model: USB Cable for VNWA (USB-A to Mini USB-B)
Date Available: 03/01/2014

Replacement - Additional USB Cable for DG8SAQ VNWA or other USB Devices.

This item is stocked at request of VNWA owners who have been impressed by the quality of this cable supplied with the VNWA and who have found that this cable also may work better with other USB equipment drawing current close to the max 500mA USB spec.

  • Qualiy USB-A to Mini USB-B cable - identical as supplied with DG8SAQ VNWA
  • Typical Voltage drop: less than 0.1V at 400mA current
  • Length 1.5 Meter, cable diameter is 5mm
  • Fitted with TDK Ferrite for suppression
  • Black cable - with black USB connectors and Grey ferrite
    to distinguish this Quality USB cable from other USB cables -
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