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GPS Disciplined Reference Oscillator by Leobodnar Ltd

Precision Frequency Clock for the DG8SAQ VNWA 3EC and many other applications

    • Programmable Frequency 450Hz - 800MHz
    • Stability 1 ppb 1E-9 <60 sec Locktime
    • Light and Portable
    • Complete with storage case and GPS Antenna

    USB powered, this instrument is the ideal frequency standard for supplying an external reference clock signal to the DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer. Users are able to make Frequency and Frequency Difference measurements with accuracy approaching 1e-10 and frequency measurements (dF) in the mHz  mili Herz) and even down to the uHz (Micro Herz) region.


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      New from CRKits! CS40 40M 10W SSB Transceiver Kit

      The CS40 Transceiver integrates Sandwich digital VFO with 100 Hz resolution offering full 40m Band Coverage. Ideal project for licensed Radio Amateurs looking to build their own SSB Transceiver. Kit includes a Speaker-Microphone.

      SDR-Kits appointed Authorised Stockists by Leo Bodnar Ltd for their Precision GPSDO Reference Oscillator

      We are pleased to offer this versatile product as the recommended External Reference Oscillator for the DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer. Thank you to Kurt Poulsen for putting together a how-to guide Precision GPSDO Clock Configuration as External Clock for DG8SAQ VNWA 3EC, and once again sharing his expertise.

      SDRPlay's RSP1, RSP2 and RSP2 Pro SDR Receivers are now supported by professional SDRuno Software.

      Free to download SDRUno software allows you to operate from 1 up to 4 independent virtual SDR Receivers within the selected 10MHz bandwidth of the SDRplay hardware (dependent on processing power of the PC).

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