SMA 8mm/.315" Torque Wrench 8mm 0.45Nm (SMA Drehmomentschluessel)

SMA 8mm/.315" Torque Wrench 8mm 0.45Nm (SMA Drehmomentschluessel)
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Model: SMA Torque Spanner 8mm/.315" Huber & Suhner
Date Available: 03/07/2014

Tightening RF Connectors to recommended torque setting is highly important for obtaining repeatable VNWA measurements and optimum operational performance.

SDR-Kits is pleased to offer this SMA Torque wrench as an cost-effective solution for the RF Lab as well as for Field Staff:

  • Huber & Suhner Torque Wrench Model 74_Z-0-0-79
  • Fixed Torque setting of 0.45 Nm = 45 N cm = 4 Lb inch with 8mm/.315" open spanner
  • Recommended Torque setting for Brass SMA connectors
  • Cost-effective tool for making repeatable measurements
  • New - Supplied directly by Huber & Suhner to SDR-Kits
  • Matching SMA Connector Flat Spanner available to hold SMA Connectors static whilst tightening the SMA screw with Torque Spanner

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