Male SMA SOL 4 pcs Calibration Kit of Rosenberger - Fairview 12 Ghz Parts in wooden box by SDR-Kits

Male SMA SOL 4 pcs Calibration Kit of Rosenberger - Fairview 12 Ghz Parts in wooden box by SDR-Kits
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Model: Male SMA Cal kit Rosenberger Fairview Parts in brass label case
  • 4 pcs Male SMA Calibration kit by SDR-Kits in Hand varnished and finished Wooden Box with Custom foam interior to store Calibration Parts, fitted Aluminium nameplate on top and with Internal vinyl label with serial number and value of SMA 50R Load supplied as measured by SDR-Kits.

  • Supplied with 3 pcs Rosenberger HochFrequenz GmbH SMA SOL Calibration parts rated for use up to 12 GHz and a matching Fairview Microwave SMA Open Connector to complete the Calibration set.

    • 1 pc  50 Ohm 0.5 Watt Plug (Male) load partno 32S15R-0.5E3 
      The actual  value of the Rosenberger  load supplied is measured and recorded by SDR-Kits on label inside the calibration box and the serial number
    • 1 pc 0 0hm Short Plug (Male) partno 32Z111-000L5
    • 1 pc SMA Plug - Plug (Male-Male Open) connector & Adapter partno  32S103-S00L5
    • 1 pc SMA Plug (Male) Open Connector - Dustcap Fairview Microwave partno  SC2028

  • Supplied with New updated VNWA information sheet for Rosenberger Fairview Microwave Calibration  parts by Kurt Poulsen OZ7OU (Published October 2014)

    Link to documents on how the new improved Calibration Standards were measured:
      (thanks to Kurt Poulsen OZ7OU)

  • Further information on Rosenberger Calibration Parts (including German or Danish language version of Cal standards)

Note:   SDR-Kits is taking all reasonable steps when measuring and recording the actual value of the Load Resistor. This calibration kit should only be used however for "Indication Purposes not for final testing"  See SDR-Kits ordering Terms and conditions