DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer - Downloads

VNWA_Installer.exe - This is the link to the current General VNWA Release for the VNWA 3, 3E and also the VNWA 2.
The installer includes helpfile, drivers, and firmware for Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 32 bits and 64 bits versions

Versioninfo.txt - Provides Version info on the current General Release software above and also on VNWA beta (pre-release) software

VNWA Linux Installation - This is the link to download the current VNWA Linux Package

Viewhlp Viewer - Link to download optional Viewer to display VNWA Helpfiles (required in event the Microsoft Winhlp32 Viewer is not available in some recent Microsoft Operating System installations) 
With thanks to Alan Rowe M0PUB who published Viewhlp under GPLLink for downloading Viewhlp Sourcecode

Windows 10, Win 8.1 and Win 7 VNWA 3 - 3E Installation Manual pdf - 'Getting Started Manual for Release 36.6.2', shipped with all new VNWAs from 20th January 2016

VNWA 3-3E Firmware upgrade procedure - link to information on VNWA 3 3E firmware upgrade to V 5.22

VNWA  Documentation on this page are in English Language - (For Documentation in Deutsch, Francais, Italiano see 2nd Tab)

VNWA2-installation.pdf - VNWA 2.x 'Getting Started Manual' - English Language for previous model VNWA for W7, XP & Vista

VNWA_Help.pdf - VNWA v36.5 620 page Help File Documentation in pdf format - English Language

New!    VNWA Measurement Accuracy     Download this document to view statement on VNWA measurement Accuracy