DG8SAQ VNWA Preview Release Software

The VNWA General Release Software is recommended as standard software for all VNWA users. The VNWA General Release Software is updated two or three times per year and VNWA users are encouraged to upgrade to the current version of the General Release Software. The current VNWA Version is shown by downloading versioninfo.txt

Additionally Thomas Baier, the VWNA designer makes VNWA Preview Software with new features and bug fixes available at more frequent intervals in the DG8SAQ YAHOO File Folder - This is the folder where all latest VNWA Software, VNWA Help file and other support files are stored for evaluation by VNWA users who are willing to provide feedback to Tom.

Preview Releases are shown in versioninfo.txt and can be downloaded via the link shown there. They are also announced on the DG8SAQ VWNA User Group for which you must be a member in order to access the File area.

Caution: It is recommended that all VNWA Preview Release Software is installed in a separate directory and that Users accept that although tested this experimental software and/or firmware may contain errors. Users are encouraged to feed back problems encountered with the preview software.