Complete Kit Including Speaker/Microphone

The CS40 40M 10W SSB Transceiver Kit is a great project for licensed Radio Amateurs who would like to build their own SSB Transceiver.

  • Apart from 1 medium-sized SMD transistor, the kit uses conventional leaded components on a quality PCB with moderate component density and a classic  uncomplicated circuit design.

  • Assembly should be no problem if you have with some previous Kit building experience.  With guidance from an instructor, this kit also make a good first project for Novice Operators.

  • The kit comes complete with black enclosure and all components including a A5 printed assembly manual.

  • 10W SSB RF Output and 0.5 μV Sensitivity assures solid On the Air performance

  • Ideal for Portable or Emergency use in combination with a 12V Gel battery and a 10m Fibre mast antenna support for a half wave - end fed antenna

For more detailed information, reviews and documentation see our CS20/40 Webpage

CS40 40M 10W Kit Specification

Frequency tuning range: Digital Sandwich VFO  coverage from 7000 kHz - 7200 kHz with a minimum frequency step of 100Hz.  Novel Tuning indication using multicoloured LED.  For explanation see the following video:

Mode: Lower Side Band  (LSB)
RF output: about 10 W PEP @ 13.8 V
• Harmonic and Carrier suppression: better than -43 dBc
Sensitivity: better than 0.5 μV at 10 dB SNR
• IF filter: 6 pole crystal ladder filter + 1 pole post IF amplifier crystal filter
IF bandwidth: about 2.0 kHz - IF frequency: 8.467 MHz
Power Supply: 12 to 13.8 V, 3 A
Dimension: 153 mm x 97 mm x 40 mm excl protrusions
• Weight: 500 g or 1.1 lbs
Current consumption: about 30 mA in RX and about 2.5 A in TX @ 13.8 V
• Connectors: - Speaker output: 3.5 mm connector, mono output & DC Power Input Socket
Microphone input: 8-pin, CRKITS Speaker-Microphone supplied with kit, compatible with electret microphones

Antenna connector: BNC Jack
• 2 Controls: Tuning Control  & IF Gain Control acts as volume control

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