• Mitsubishi RD15HVF1-501 RoHS 15W 12.5V 175 MHz /512 MHz

SDR-Kits does not sell fake transistors. We have supplied thousands of genuine transistors since we first started the business in 2008.

Please note that due to a change of die-factory in Japan in 2017/2018, Mitsubishi changed the partnumber from RD15HVF1-101 (which shows the Mitsubishi Logo) to RD15HVF1-501 (which is shown in the product photo and no longer shows the Logo).   

Both RD15HVF1-501 and RD15HVF1-101 have identical performance!    

Any RD15HVF1devices showing the Mitsubishi Logo is either OLD Stock or is a Fake    
you can verify this by checking with some of the larger Mitsubishi authorized distributors (ie  rfparts in US or Anglia in the UK)

  • Pout 15 Watt
  • Vdd=12.5V
  • F=175 MHz Gp = >14dB
  • F=512 MHz Gp =>7dB

Usable for 70cm Amateur Band

Mitsubishi RD15HVF1-501 RoHS 15W 12.5V 175 MHz /512 MHz

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