• Optical Encoder with Switch - 32 Steps
  • Bourns Part no EM14AOD-C24-L032S   (non click version - for smooth tuning control)

  • 32 step Optical Encoder with Switch (enhanced to 128 Steps/turn by Software in PA0KLT KIT)

  • Max Supply Voltage +5V DC

  •  CMOS HCMOS output levels

  • Recommended as a Quality replacement of Mechanical Switching Encoders for High Quality Applications, i.e. as Main Tuning in Professional Radio Equipment including Amateur Radio Homebrew Receivers and Transceivers

  • Momentary Push on Switch allows for "Fast Tune" in PA0KLT VFO Kit

  • Competitve price for Quality Component -  ideal for your Home-made Transceivers or receivers


      Optical Encoder with Switch - 32 Steps

      • Product Code: Optical Encoder EC14
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