N Connector Calibration Kits - available from 5th August 2020

To support accurate calibration of the VNWA3SE N versions,  SDR-Kits is offering  two types of N calibration kits:

4 part Male SOLT Calibration kit - comprises  of Male N Short, N  Open, Male50 Ohm N Load and also with a Female - Female N Thru Adapter
This combination provides for SOLT Calibration at the end of Male N connectors and also allows for SOL calibration to Female N Connectors

5 part Male SOLT Calibration kit -  The 5 part Male kit  has an additional Male - Male  N Thru Adapter and provides for SOLT calibration to Female N Connectors

All Calibration kits are supplied with Individually measured Load between 0 and 1300 MHz with a printout of the measured parameters which includes a link to download 
the VNWA calibration files (.ckf files)

Optional upgrade to Mini Circuit 50 Ohm N Termination.  Instead of the Standard N Load,  the 4 part or the 5 part Calibration kit can be supplied with an Mini Circuits
KARN-50-18+ Termination Load with individually measured downloadable VNWA calibration files up to 1300 MHz.

Authorized Distributors

Please note that DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer® 3 & 3EC are only sold by by SDR-Kits direct, SDR-Kits Ebay Shop, or by SDR Kits' Authorised Distributors listed below

DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer® offered by other commercial sources are not manufactured by SDR Kits and are therefore not supported by SDR-Kits or by SDR Kits Authorised Distributors.

ICAS Enterprises

SDR Kits Authorized Distributor of the DG8SAQ VNWA for Japan

ICAS Enterprises

DARC Verlag GmbH

SDR Kits Authorized Distributor of DG8SAQ VNWA for Germany

DARC Verlag GmbH