R3500D ARDF Receiver Kit

An 80 Meter Amateur Radio Direction Finding Receiver – Fox Hunting,
designed by Chinese Radio Sport Association

Build in an evening!

Ideal for Club projects!

Educational and fun for youth projects!

  • Covers nominally 3500 KHz - 3600 kHz
  • All Leaded components - No SMD component
  • Built-in ferrite Antenna and Whip sense Antenna
  • Controls: Tuning - Volume Control & Sense Antenna
  • (On/Off switch is by plugging in earphones)
  • Random colour supplied (black, blue, green, orange)

R3500D ARDF Receiver Kit is the upgraded version of the well known PJ-80 80m direction finding direct conversion receiver kit

The R3500D can also be used to locate the source of LOCAL interference in the 80 Meter band.

Complete kit with PCB and all parts including earphone and case

Supplied with 8 page English language step by step manual and parts list.

No Internet or Computer required to build this kit

Requires 4 pcs AA Batteries (Not supplied)

Original CR Kits Manual

Link for design of a 3W 80 Meter ARDF  Transmitter

£28.50, incl VAT: £34.20

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Indicative prices in USD $36.19