Guided Measurements Book

Measurements with the DGS8SAQ VNWA 2/3 Vector Network Analyser' by Gerfried Palme A4 Colour Softback Book

Get results fast from your DG8SAQ VNWA 2/3 with Gerfried Palme's Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

This 165 page book features 28 guided measurement examples using easy to follow text and graphics including...

  • Basic Settings
  • Calibration Standards & Settings
  • Reference Planes & Phase
  • Smith Charts
  • S-Parameter Test Set
  • Amplifier Measurements
  • Antenna Matching
  • Phase AngleWave Resistance
  • Isolation of a Coaxial Relay

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'Vector Analyzers used to be very expensive, so one hardly dared to dream of them as a Radio Amateur, or any other high frequency enthusiaist, or maybe did not even know that these devices are able to measure everything. The [Low Cost] Network Vector Analyzer allows everyone to see a completely 'New World' that they did not know before. Try using it with the help of this book!'

                Gerfried Palme, 'Measurements with the DG8SAQ VNWA 2/3 Vector Network Analyzer'

English Translation by Graham McLead G8PHA (SK 26 June 2015)

Original German Language version 'Messen Mit dem Vektor-Netzverk Analysator VNWA 2/3' available from Funkamateur

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VNWA Test board Kit designed by DG8SAQ - as featured in Chapter 24!  Experiment & evaluate performance with simple circuits

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