Three Videos have been produced by Joe Fellner - OE5JFE showing what is involved in Assembling, Operating the FA-VA5 either as standalone Instrument or when connected to a Personal Computer via USB.  A big thanks to Joe for making this useful information available.

Video Part 1:  Assembling the FA-VA5 Antenna Analyzer:

Video Part 2:   Using the FA-VA5 - how to do a Firmware update and perform Master SOL Calibration on a the FA-VA5:

Video Part 3:  Connecting the FA-VA5 Antenna Analyzer to a PC and how to use with the DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer Application:

Step by Step Guides:

FA-VA5 Antenna Analyzer Setup with DG8SAQ VNWA Windows Software:  A step by step tutorial by Jan Verduyn G5BBL
This document shows how to setup the USB Link between the FA-VA5 and the Personal Computer, how to install the required driver and USB connection, how to perform Calibration and taking the first measurements.

Other FA-VA5 information:

A Comprehensive description of FA-VA5 operation with VNWA windows Software
In depth article written by the Michael Knitter,  the FA-VA5 designer:

Other Links:

FA-VA5  Antenna Analyzer  Group Reflector:     Link to be advised once the DG8SAQ VNWA Reflector has moved to

Michael Knitter DG5MK  FA-VA5 Home Page:

Michael Knitter  DG5MK  2018 FA-VA5  Workshop Presentation English