Introducing the DG8SAQ VNWA 3 Low Cost 1.3 GHz Vector Network Analyzer

Covering 1 kHz to 1.3 GHz and powered from a PC USB-bus, the VNWA 3 Series offers a dynamic range of 90dB up to 100 MHz, better than 70dB to 500 Mhz and better than 50dB above 500 MHz.   Measures up to 65000 datapoints with sampling time from 0.13 mS to 100mS  - maximum sweep duration 30sec.

Designed by Professor Thomas Baier DG8SAQ, the VNWA 3 Series is used by Professionals, Universities, Research Institutes and Radio Amateurs worldwide since its launch in 2009.

VNWA Driver and Software runs on all recent Windows 64 bit and 32 bit Operating Systems, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1 & 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Software is free to download and updated regularly by the designer.

The DG8SAQ VNWA 3 Series offers:

  • All VNWA hardware on a single Printed Circuit board for maximum reliability

  • High stability 12 MHz +/- 0.5 ppm Analogue TCXO from which all clock signals are obtained

  • Redesigned Solid 2mm Anodized enclosure and brass chassis

  • S-parameter, S11, S12, S21, S22, VSWR, Smith Chart & Component values

  • Time Domain - Distance to Fault Measurements - Network Matching tool

    • Supplied fully assembled and tested

    The DG8SAQ Network Analyzer is available as 3 different models - VNWA 3, VNWA 3EC and the new VNWA 3SE - all offering the same accuracy, measurements and range.

    The VNWA 3 is a great value, entry level device.

    The VNWA 3EC is factory fitted with an Expansion board and external clock connection and offers the following additional benefits over the VNWA 3:

    • Simultaneous S11 and S21 measurements in one Sweep

    • RJ12 socket to provide external VNWA control and VNWA power connectivity

    • Reduced Power consumption - DDS switched mode supply

    • External VNWA 3 Clock connectivity

    • VNWA Reference Clock output: TCXO 12 MHz*x (where x=2 3 4 5 ...8) stability  +/- 0.5 ppm Output 1 kOhm impedance, 150mVpp

    • External Reference Clock input: Recommended external clock: 36 MHz with  a level of between -6dBm...+3dBm / 50 Ohms

    New! The VNWA 3SE Automatic 2 Port Model

    Due to popular demand, SDR Kits have developed the VNWA 3SE - a fully automatic 2-Port VNA.

    • Whilst maintaining the dynamic range and specification of the original design, the VNWA 3SE also features a Solid-State 2-Port switch which eliminates the need for manual reversal of Device under Test (DUT), allowing forward and reverse S11, S12, S21 and S22 measurements to be taken with a single key click.

    • The 2-Port 3SE comes as standard with SMA Connectors but an N-Connector version is also available. Both versions use the same solid 2mm anodized enclosure, but at twice the depth of the existing VNWA enclosure which offers improved stability.

    • The Magi-Cal® Automatic Calibrator is fully compatible with the new VNWA 3SE SMA Version, and sold as an optional extra.

    • Retrofit Upgrade Kits for exisiting VNWA 3 or VNWA 3E/3EC owners are also available, keeping the investment in their VNWA up to date.

     For more technical details please see Specification for VNWA 3, 3EC and 3SE

    The VNWA comes with a VNWA Installer Package to get a new VNWA up and running with minimum of delay.The installer is downloaded from the SDR-Kits website to ensure the latest VNWA software and Helpfile are installed at all times. The installer supports Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7.

    See our range of VNWA models and packages: VNWA 3/3EC and VNWA 3SE 2 Port

    A large selection of VNWA Accessories are also available, including the newly introduced Magi-Cal® Automatic SMA Calibrator, a BNC or N-Connector Adaptor Bracket, 'Guided Measurements' Tuition Book, GPS Reference Clocks, Tools, Calibration Kits, Cables and Connectors.

    Customer Satisfaction & Support

    Customer Satisfaction has been a priority for us since the DG8SAQ VNWA was first launched in 2008

    We are keen to ensure that our Customers are able to make an informed choice about their VNWA purchase. Download and try out the DG8SAQ VNWA Software first before ordering.

    The VNWA software will start up without the VNWA hardware connected. This allows you to check-out the VNWA features and functionality and assess whether a purchase will meet your expectations.

    Every effort is made to make the VNWA easy and intuitive to use for new owners, but be prepared to "invest some time" to get familiar with the many uses and options of the VNWA 3 Series. Take a look at the latest version of the 300+ page VNWA PDF helpfile.

    Ongoing Support of all our VNWA Customers

    SDR Kits is committed to supporting all our VNWA users, providing technical support, regular software updates and facilitating the DS8SAQ VNWA Forum.

    General Software updates for the VNWA 3 Series are made available several times a year. The same Software release is used to add new functionality to the VNWA 3 Series but also to the older VNWA 2.x if this can be supported by the VNWA 2.x hardware.

    It is recommended that you become a member of the DG8SAQ VNWA Forum, where VNWA announcements and VNWA user experiences are shared. You will have the benefit of useful information including advice when new software and helpfile updates are available for downloads.

    Technical support provided by Tom Baier, VNWA designer and Jan Verduyn, Director of SDR Kits Ltd, by e-mail.

     DG8SAQ VNWA sold with a 24 month 'Return to Base' warranty.

     SDR Kits Ltd also provide a repairs service for out of warranty units.

    Authorized Distributors

    Please note that DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer® 3 Series are only sold by by SDR-Kits direct, SDR-Kits Ebay Shop, or by SDR Kits' Authorised Distributors listed below

    DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer® offered by other commercial sources are not manufactured by SDR Kits and are therefore not supported by SDR-Kits or by SDR Kits Authorised Distributors.

    ICAS Enterprises

    SDR Kits Authorized Distributor of the DG8SAQ VNWA for Japan

    ICAS Enterprises

    DARC Verlag GmbH

    SDR Kits Authorized Distributor of DG8SAQ VNWA for Germany

    DARC Verlag GmbH

    New! Magi-Cal® Automatic SMA Calibrator

    An exciting new product from the Designer of the DG8SAQ VNWA

    • Automatic 1 or 2 Port SOLT Calibration
    • Quick and Easy Procedure
    • Consistent high quality Calibration
    • Reduces handling errors

    Read More....

    BNC Bracket for VNWA3 and 3EC

    Adaptation kit to convert the VNWA 3 and 3EC for use wth BNC Connectors

    Provides a simple and economic option - easily reversible.

    Buy now from our Webshop

    BNC Calibration Kits and Connectors also available

    VNWA Radcom Review

    Read DG8SAQ VNWA Radcom Review

    This article is copyright of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and was originally published in their magazine RadCom.

    Reproduced here with their kind permission.

    VNWA Packages

    Custom designed Presentation Case available for storage of VNWA and Accessories

    See our range of VNWA 3 and 3EC Packages.

    See packages for the new 2 Port Automatic VNWA 3SE models