Ordering Terms & Conditions

All products supplied by SDR-Kits are subject to these Ordering Terms and Conditions as from 15th January 2016

1. All products supplied by SDR-Kits are subject to these Ordering Terms and Conditions as from 15th January 2016.

2. Customers should ascertain whether a product meets their specific requirements, prior to placing an order. Customers should determine whether they have the appropriate knowledge and skills to assemble or operate a product supplied by SDR-Kits. Documentation of products supplied by SDR-Kits are provided only in the English language unless otherwise stated otherwise.

3. Orders are placed by opening an account on the SDR-kits Webshop, and placing the required goods into the Web basket. Payment should be made at the time of ordering via Paypal or by requesting a Pro Forma invoice.

4. When requesting a Pro Forma invoice, SDR-Kits will email an invoice within 3 working days, showing the total price in GBP or EUROs and relevant Bank details (IBAN and BIC) to where payment should be made. Goods are only shipped once Payment is received in full. Paypal accepts most payment methods (Credit Cards) from Customers and opening of a Paypal account is not required to make a payment.

5. SDR-Kits reserves the right to modify or withdraw any product including pricing without giving prior notice.

6. SDR-Kits warrants that unless stated otherwise, all products are new and sourced from reputable Suppliers. SDRKits should be notified of any defective or missing items within 90 days from date of shipment. Assembled products carry a 24 month "return to base" warranty which excludes user damage, misuse or unauthorised modifications.

7. SDR-Kits accepts no responsibility for kit assembly errors by kit buyers, for repairs due to non-operation, misuse, inadequate kit-building skills, unauthorised product modification or lack of performance.

8. Reasonable efforts will be made to investigate and resolve systematic products issues reported by multiple users, No obligation shall exist to support products, product modifications, firmware or software not supplied by SDR-kits.

9. Software or firmware is provided “as is” and no warranties or indemnities are made. Reasonable endeavours shall be made to resolve reported systematic product issues found on unmodified hardware supplied by SDR-Kits.

10. Liability of SDR-Kits shall be strictly limited to the amount paid for the product. No liability is accepted for indirect or consequential damages, which may be attributed to any product supplied by SDR-Kits.

11. Products supplied by SDR-Kits are designed for and supplied for Educational, Amateur Radio and Hobbyist use. SDR-Kits Product are not designed for use in Commercial, Professional, Airborne, Medical or Mission Critical applications and SDR-Kits shall not be held responsible if products are used in these applications. No warranties are made whatsoever as to the stability and suitability of the design, during continuous operation or operation outside components’ specifications. No liability is accepted for accuracy of measurements or performance either short term
or long term.

12. The design of the DG8SAQ VNWA is property of Thomas Baier DG8SAQ. Any technical information supplied with the VNWA or VNWA kit is for personal use of the buyer for the purpose of assembling, operation, fault diagnosis and (self) education. Such information should not be put in the public domain.

13. Intellectual property of products supplied by SDR-Kits including printed circuit boards, product and kit assembly and operation manuals do not transfer to the buyer through the sale of the product. Software and firmware made available by SDR-Kits shall remain the property of the original author. SDR-Kits® , the SDR-kits Logo and DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer® are registered Trademarks of SDR KITS LIMITED in the EU and other Countries.

14. For orders placed via Paypal, the Paypal Buyer and Seller Protection rules shall be applicable. English Law shall be applicable to the Terms and Conditions to orders not placed via Paypal. Any dispute arising shall be under the sole jurisdiction of English Courts.

15. SDR-Kits may change these Ordering Terms and Conditions without giving notice. Changes to Terms and Conditions will only be applicable to new orders. Terms and Conditions shall not affect your statutory rights under UK Law.

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