An GPS Antenna with built-in amplifier and 10m RG58 Cable for permanent placement outdoors to for reception of GPS Signals

Suitable for 2 Port GPSDO or the Mini GPSDO and also for GPS receivers fitted with Bias Tee facility supplying 3V – 5V DC and fitted with SMA Socket

The Patch Antenna can be conveniently mounted by fixing to an 23mm dia outside mast for reception of GNSS signals on 1575.4 MHz

10 meter RG58 cable with fitted SMA Male plug

  • Fitted with 10 meter RG58 cable and SMA Male plug.
  • Right Hand Circular Polarization (RHCP) Omni-directional
  • Noise Factor <2dB 
  • Gain 28-30dB - built-in metal ground plane.
  • Requires  1 inch diameter pole for mounting . Note:  there is some confusion about the thread, which could be 1 inch 14 tpi   or  G3/4  equivalent BSPP 3/4"     
  • Temperature Range: -40 to  +85C

 Note:  Accuracy of the 2 Port and Mini GPSDO disciplined Frequencies is very much reliant on having a good reception of the Low orbiting GPS timing signals from GPS satellite system.

            Adverse weather (rain or snow) and obscurement of GPS signals due to tall buildings or hills may affect reception.

Product Support Information:

Please read the following information before ordering the Antenna to avoid potential disappointment:

  • Bias-Tee must be available and active when connecting to 3rd party GPS receivers. Normally this is done automatically. 
  • The Antenna comes with a standard cable length of 10 meters RG58 Cable. It may be possible to extend the cable length by adding a second 10m length of low loss RG58/U cable, however at the cost of loss of signal strength.
  • The Antenna can be mounted on a (wooden or aluminium pole with 1 inch diameter.
  • The Antenna is omni-directional in the horizontal plane,
  • The RG58 cable should be properly installed, supported every 50cm using cable clips or another method. 
  • This antenna is fitted with a =/- 3 MHz Filter to avoid overloading by nearby transmitters.

GPS Outdoor Antenna A1575 with 10m RG58 Cable for 1575.4 MHz GNSS for permanent Use

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