Since SDR-Kits was started in 2008 we have shipped thousands of products and kits to happy Customers via "Small Packet" using International Postal Service. Generally this has proved to be a reliable and satisfactory service at modest cost. If reliability of delivery and speed is important then it is recommended to use optional International Tracked Airmail or Courier Service Delivery.

Current Shipping Charges

Domestic & International Postal Service

1.Orders up to the value of GBP 40.00

SDR-Kits ships goods to value of GBP 40.00 or less by Standard Airmail as Small Packet (or as First Class Mail to addresses in the UK). SDR-Kits will obtain "Certificate of Posting" to show the goods were posted, however tracking of shipment is not available with Standard Airmail.

Please Note: If your experience is that mail shipments sometimes get damaged or even lost then it is recommended you purchase optional "International Tracked Airmail" for orders less than GBP 40.00 in value.

2. Orders to value of more than GBP 40.00

Goods with value of more than GBP 40.00 are shipped as Small Packet by International Tracked Airmail (or Signed For First Class Mail delivery to addresses in the UK).  SDR-Kits will obtain 'Tracking number' and email this to the Customer in the shipping advice.

The status of Internationally Tracked  airmail shipment can be queried at:

In several countries (not all countries) incoming airmail shipments can also be tracked on the website of the National Postal organisation.

For example: United States of America - US Postal Service tracking link is:

Please note: Generally status is not displayed until goods have been released by local Customs to National Post Service. Also UK tracking website may not show latest status unless shipment has been reported as been "delivered" by the Postal Service in country of destination.

How long does International Airmail Shipment take?

According to UK Royal Mail, Airmail shipment aims 3-5 Days for European destinations and from 5 to 7 Days for destinations in the Rest of the World. Please note that shipments sometimes will take much longer and up to 24 working days should be allowed, especially during the months of December and January or during National Holidays or other reasons.

Reasons for exceptional delays in Postal service delivery in certain countries (bad weather or other circumstance) may be found on the following link:

Damaged, Delayed or Lost Shipments

Contact SDR-kits by email in event goods have not been received within 24 days after date of posting stated in the Shipment advice email. For Tracked Shipping methods SDR-Kits will make claim with UK Postal Authorities on your behalf and make arrangements to ship out replacements.

If Standard Airmail was used then SDR-Kits will liaise with UK Postal authorities and attempt to obtain compensation on your behalf, however there will be no commitment by SDR-Kits apart from providing you with proof that the goods were delivered to a main post office.

Courier Service Shipping

Courier Service Shipping is available for urgent or larger orders.

Authorized Distributors

Please note that DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer® 3 Series are only sold by by SDR-Kits direct, SDR-Kits Ebay Shop, or by SDR Kits' Authorised Distributors listed below

DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer® offered by other commercial sources are not manufactured by SDR Kits and are therefore not supported by SDR-Kits or by SDR Kits Authorised Distributors.

ICAS Enterprises

SDR Kits Authorized Distributor of the DG8SAQ VNWA for Japan

ICAS Enterprises

DARC Verlag GmbH

SDR Kits Authorized Distributor of DG8SAQ VNWA for Germany

DARC Verlag GmbH