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The BNC Bracket is an optional upgrade kit to convert the DG8SAQ VNWA 3 or 3EC for use with the popular BNC series connectors in response to requests from a number of existing VNWA users.

Based on a design by Dom F1FRV, the kit consists of an anodized aluminium bracket fitted with 2 quality BNC Jack to SMA Plug pigtails which are screwed into the VNWA front panel SMA Jacks.
The bracket comes with a fitted Aluminium front panel and a 2mm hex key tool to carry out the conversion.
Use of a 0.5Nm torque wrench is recommended when tightening the SMA plug connectors to the VNWA, but this is not essential provided care is taken not to over-tighten these connectors.

The BNC bracket conversion is reversible and the VNWA can be changed back to normal SMA Jackets whenever it is required again.

Note: The standard VNWA with SMA connectors shown in the photo is NOT included in the order for the BNC Bracket, but must be purchased separately.

Conversion Kit contains:

  • 1 pc assembled BNC Bracket complete with fitted BNC - SMA pigtails and front panel
  • 8 pcs 3mm dia x 8mm long hex screws
  • 6 pcs 3mm 19mm dia Rubber Feet 
  • 1 pc 3mm hex tool

BNC Conversion Kit Fitting procedure:

The conversion should take less than 20 minutes and consists of the following steps

A. Check kit contents are as listed

B. Make sure the VNWA is functioning correctly before carrying out the conversion.

C. Remove the 8 hex screws on each side of the VNWA using the hex tool supplied but make sure you do not remove the VNWA covers in the process.

D. Fit the VNWA in the BNC bracket and replace the original hex screws with the 8mm long hex screws supplied.  Do not tighten the screws at this stage.

F.  Carefully fit the SMA Pig tail cable Plugs to the VNWA front SMA Jacks and tighten the connectors to a recommended value of 0.5Nm, this is a slightly higher than when tightening by hand for an average person. Be careful not to over tighten the SMA plugs when using other tools than the recommended 0.5Nm 8mm Torque wrench!

E. Fit 2 pcs Rubber feet to the bottom front of the BNC Bracket.

F. If your VNWA is fitted with the smaller 13mm dia rubber feet, then remove these feet and replace with the 4 pcs 19mm dia rubber feet supplied.
    Note:  Newer VNWAs are already shipped with the 19mm dia rubber feet - these VNWAs do NOT need the rubber feet replaced.

G. Place the VNWA and Bracket on a flat surface and align the position of the VNWA within the bracket so all 6 Rubber feet are aligned flat on the surface before tightening the 8 hex screws.

H. Test the converted VNWA for correct operation.

£25.50, incl VAT: £30.60

Indicative prices in EURO: €28.56, incl VAT: €34.27

Indicative prices in USD $32.38

600MHz BNC 3 pcs Plug (Male) Calibration kit  for DG8SAQ VNWA fitted with BNC Bracket Option and the FA-VA5 Antenna Analyzer Kit

 Offering accurate calibration up to 600 MHz - also suitable for other Test Equipment.

  The kit includes:

           - 1pc BNC Shorting Plug

             - 1pc BNC Open Plug

              -  1pc Calibrated 50Ω Load Plug (Male)

            The BNC Load is marked with batch and serial number and is supplied with a print-out of the measured data in the format below which may then be entered manually in the instrument setup

            The print-out also provides the download link of the VNWA BNC Calibration Kit file (VNWA .ckf format) for the BNC load supplied

            This file may be stored direct in the VNWA Directory DefaultCalKit  for use when the BNC Cal Kit is being used.

             Please note:  Calibration of the VNWA will still be required to compensate for VNWA hardware differences.

        £11.50, incl VAT: £13.80

        Indicative prices in EURO: €12.88, incl VAT: €15.46

        Indicative prices in USD $14.60