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    EMI-Spy 2 Kit for Locating Interference Emissions
  • EMI-Spy 2 Kit for Locating Interference Emissions

Complete Kit supplied including enclosure and all components, with English documentation.

Detecting sources of interference and checking the effectiveness of interference suppression measures is becoming increasingly important for radio amateurs and radio listeners these days.
A simple interference detecting device like the EMI Spy can save time by pointing to local interference

The built-in loudspeaker provides a quick acoustic overview of the EMI interference signal and is automatically switched off when headphones are connected.

The AF bandwidth of the demodulated signal, now up to 10 kHz compared to the previous model, improves the ability to detect pulse-shaped interference.

The four search antennas do not require any additional components. Their coils are designed as conductor tracks, which makes the probes mechanically less sensitive.

In addition, the EMI Spy can also be used as an AF signal tracker using the adapter board supplied for repairing faults in AF circuitry

This kit contains a circuit board with all SMD components already preassembled, there are only 15  thru-hole components to be soldered.

A machined and printed enclosure is supplied, as well as four search antennas (probes). The printed circuit board is pre-assembled with all SMD components which simplifies and speeds up construction considerably and makes the kit easy to assemble even for less experienced users.

A printed English language manual is supplied with the kits sold by SDR-Kits.

A pdf version is available for download

Web link on using the EMI Spy a report by PA0NHC

EMI-Spy 2 Kit for Locating Interference Emissions

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