• LBE-1420 GPS Locked Clock Source

Low-jitter GPS-locked frequency clock source 1 Hz to 1.1 GHz output.

An upgraded version of the popular 1 Port Mini GPSDO by Leo Bodnar Electronics

    • Long term stability of output signal is defined by high accuracy of GPS Caesium references and approaches 1x10-12

    • Short term signal quality is defined by internal TCXO clock source providing high-quality, low phase noise clock signal with sub-picosecond RMS jitter.

    • Digital PLL allows main output reference frequency to have almost any value between 1 Hz and 1.1 GHz.

    • Output signal is a square wave at 3.3V CMOS levels with 50 Ohms characteristic impedance.

    • Output power level (measured at 10MHz, fundamental power channel): +10.3dBm

      Typical phase noise at 10MHz output:

    • 70 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz
    • 100 dBc/Hz at 10 Hz
    • 125 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz
    • 145 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz
    • 150 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz
    • 153 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz
    • 155 dBc/Hz at 1MHz

      • Power draw through 5V USB is 250mA.

      Operation requires presence of GPS signal, however temporary loss will be tolerated seamlessly. Active or passive antennas are supported. An active antenna with 5 metre cable is provided with the device but can be substituted if necessary. GPS acquisition time after power-up is around 30 seconds. If GPS signal is lost, digital PLL will maintains best estimated output frequency based on historical data. On reacquisition of GPS lock, output is seamlessly brought back in sync with GPS reference. Entry and exit of frequency hold is glitch-less.

      Frequency setting is configurable via USB connection from Windows PC.

      GPS clock can be powered via USB-C connector from a PC, USB phone charger or USB power bank. USB connection to Windows PC is required only for one-off configuration. All settings are stored inside the device and maintain values when off. The SMA antenna connector voltage is 3.3V. Most active antennas work on a wide range - 2.5v to 5v because they have analogue LNA inside that is not sensitive to power level.

      The LBE-1420 GPS Locked Clock Source can be used as an Universal Reference Clock for most other Instruments and Applications which up to now would require a bulky and expensive Rubidium Clock.

      SDR-Kits recommends the unit as the ideal frequency standard for supplying an external reference clock signal to the DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer to make Frequency and Frequency Difference measurements with accuracy approaching 1e-10 and frequency  measurements (dF) in the mHz (milli Hertz) and even down to the uHz (micro Hertz) region.

      Also, the LBE-1420 GPS Locked Clock Source can be used as an external clock for the SDRplay RSPdx, RSPduo and the older RSP2 or RSP2pro with our GPSDO - RSP External Clock-in Cable  
      Please note that a
      SMA Plug to BNC Jack Adapter Connector,  or similar is required to connect the External Clock Cable to the LBE-1420 GPS Locked Clock Source.

      Please see comparison table below listing the differences between the two GPSDO models:


      LBE-1420 GPS Locked Clock Source (One Output)

      Standard GPSDO (Two Output)

      +1E-11 within 1 min after GPS Lock

      +1E-9 within 1 min after GPS Lock

      Frequency Range

      1 Hz – 1.1 GHz

      400 Hz – 810 MHz programmable

      Reference Clock Outputs and Connector Type

      1 SMA Output Connector max 30mA 3.3V

      2 BNC Outputs programmable independently with restrictions

      Output Level

      +11 dBm

      4 step programmable +7.7 +13.3 dBm

      USB Power Supply

      USB-C Connector

      USB 5V max 250mA

      5V USB-cable to PC or Charger

      External Power Supply
      Not available

      Ext DC +5V - 15VDC Power connector fitted


      69mm x 40mm x 12mm 0.04 Kg

      110mm x 60mm x 25mm 0.12 Kg

      Package Contents

      LBE-1420 GPS Locked Clock Source, GPS Antenna, USB C Cable

      Standard GPSDO, GPS Antenna, USB Cable

      Typical Application

      Clock Source for applications requiring a single Reference Clock

      Ham Station Reference Clock Source 10 MHz for Test equipment and 24 MHz for RSP1 or K3 or other Rig

       How to make high accurate precision frequency measurements with the VNWA Thanks to Kurt Poulsen for preparing this report and sharing his expertise.

      How to set up the Mini GPSDO as an External Clock Reference for the VNWA 3EC:
      Guide to setting up Mini GPSDO as external reference clock, instead of internal VNWA TCXO when taking VNWA measurements

      Linux Support:Linux Configuration Application is available from https://github.com/hamarituc/lbgpsdo

      Package Contents:   

      • GPS Locked Clock Source module  (69mm x 40mm x 12mm  - 0.04Kg)

      • GPS Magnetic Antenna with 5m Coax Cable and fitted SMA male plug

      • USB-C cable

      • 12 month Mfg Warranty

      • Mfg Product Support information

      Optional Items to add to your order:

      RG223 cable Length 20 cm  BNC Plug (male) to SMA Plug (male)
      This is a custom made cable to connect the VNWA 3EC External Clock input to the Precision GPSDO Reference Oscillator

      Replacement GPSDO Antenna: Cable length 5 m, fitted with SMA Plug (male) connector
      This is a replacement or additional GPS Antenna identical to the one supplied with the Precision GPSDO Reference Oscillator

      GPSDO - RSP External Clock-in Cable  plus SMA Plug to BNC Jack Adapter Connector

      SDR-Kits is an Authorised Distributor for the Leo Bodnar Ltd  Precison GPSDO Reference Oscillator

      Also available from our Authorised Distributor for Japan: ICAS Enterprises  www.ICAS.to  

      LBE-1420 GPS Locked Clock Source

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