The External Clock cable allows the RSPdx, RSPduo, RSP2 or RSP2pro Master Oscillator to be supplied from the SDR-Kits GPSDO instead of from the internal RSP TCXO clock.   

The Typical frequency stability of the GPSDO is +/- 1 part per Billion (1e9) after lock is obtained versus +/- 0.5 parts per Million (0.5e-6) for the internal RSP clock, hence any frequency drift is reduced by a factor of 500.

What does this mean in practice?  There are certain application when receiving transmissions in the higher UHF band or in the L-Band where the RSP Receivers' receive frequency will shift by as high as 500 Hz or even more during the night in a cold room when the Central Heating is switched off.  When GPRS output signal is used as external clock for the RSP Receiver, the Receive frequency will move by less than 10 – 15 Hz, providing uninterrupted reception of wanted transmissions or frequency data collection for Astronomy or Scientific purposes.    

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The External Clock Cable consists of a BNC Plug to MCX cable, plugged into a BNC T-connector which is terminated by a 50 Ohm BNC Load resistor, which is critical for forcing the RSP Receiver to accept the External clock input.  Please note that the external clock interface as supplied by SDR-Kits is different from the SDRPlay issued document, however we have extensively tested our interface and supplied hundreds of cables to RSP users in the past. In case of issues please check the instructions supplied with this product.

Note: Mini GPSDO Only:  SMA Plug to BNC Jack Adapter Connector,  or similar is also required to connect the External Clock Cable to the Mini GPSDO

GPSDO - RSPdx, RSPduo, RSP2 or RSP2Pro External Clock-in Cable

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