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NEW!  SDRplay RSP1 10 kHz - 2 GHz Wideband SDR Radio
  Only £99.75 + TAX & shipping - Now stocked
NEW  Precision GPSDO Reference Oscillator for VNWA 3/3E          Universal Frequency Reference 1ppb  450 Hz - 800 MHz

Vector Network Analyzers for Education, Professionals & Amateurs
DG8SAQ VNWA 3 & 3E - English Product Information
English VNWA Book for Beginners  & Professionals 

VNWA 3 & 3E infos Auf Deutsch

R3500 80m Amateur Radio DF Receiver

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DG8SAQ VNWA Equipment Review by RSGB

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New Product!  Precision GPSDO Reference OScillator  Stability better than 1 ppb within 60 sec after lock

SDRPlay:  The RSP1 SDR Receiver
now is supported by professional SDRuno Software, free to download
RSP1 is available from Stock.

We sell genuine Mitsubishi RF Transistors
sourced from Franchised Distributors!

New!  We stock the G4HUP PAT Panoramic Adapter Tap boards to connect SDR-PLay SDR RX to many Radios with 50 & 70 MHz IF

QRP2000 Kit Driver installation link works with Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10

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